“I very much enjoyed my Sensual-Somatic Healing sessions with Elet. Elet was so loving but too, very professional; He began by demonstrating that he would be that safe space I felt I needed by teaching me to speak my truth, and honoring my “no,” my “yes” and my occasional “YES!”

Leading me through some of my physical emotional triggers he asked permission before slowly and gently touching me, releasing the energetic charge associated with a “man’s” touch. He led me from fear to security through Tantric Breathing and Energy Body Exercises. In his presence, always one of calm acceptance, safety and encouragement I felt safe to feel pleasure, to sob, to laugh and reach into my very depths to unleash my woman warrior cry (all of which I did).

I admit I sometimes felt scared as we “waded in the shallow waters” of uncomfortabilty. We took baby steps in our session. Elet worked with my pace, yet also encouraged me to push past my own limitations and fears. With his help and gifted hands, I reconnected with my womanhood, my feminine energy, my own immense power.

When he unblocked the energy from my second chakra to my throat chakra, I felt a wonderful flow of pleasure, an energy I did not even know was possible for me.

When we awakened my root chakra, my arms and legs were vibrating so intensely, I thought I was just going to leave my body. I felt effervescent. I had to ask him to ground me (which he did).

I continued to have that sparkling energy all day, even flirting with someone at my gym (which I never do!). My body feels so refreshed and alive!

I am very happy and excited to be working with Elet Elan. I have found my Mr. Miyagi!

Thank you.” Sarah

Sensual-Somatic Therapy is a purposefully created opportunity for reconnecting, and healing habitual patterns, whether we experience them emotionally, sexually or physically.

You are invited to slowly open and lower physical, psychological and emotional barriers without inhibition or hidden expectation, creating an opportunity to release negative programming, set aside limiting beliefs and transcend old stories, in the most loving way.

We counter habitual “doing” with conscious “BE-ing.”