“The moment I met Elet, I could feel the wisdom in his eyes, the gentleness in his hands and the calmness in his soul. I knew that my sessions with him would be unlike any session I have had with any other healer. What I didn’t know then, was that he would bring me more growth and healing than I could ever have fathomed. Elet’s ability to combine his powerful intuition, Spiritual Wisdom and knowledge of my energetic Body offered me an opportunity to heal and release trauma that I had been working on for the last 15 years… in ONE session.

I had no idea that one person could be SO connected to his own vibrations of Energy that he could use this awareness to heal my own Soul- at EVERY level, especially the deepest -at the cellular level. During my session, Elet was able to use his Intuition to locate exactly what areas in my body had blocks. He then used his own divine energy to send vibrations through my chakras and meridians. I felt the most euphoric energy waves pouring in through me- the only way I can describe them was, it felt as though God himself had entered my being. My body began convulsing and quivering uncontrollably and continued for about 20 minutes. These were beautiful, Sacred waves of energy moving not in me, but through me. At times, I had tears streaming from my eyes at how precious and Divine it felt. i never even questioned the Sacredness of what was happening – I simply Surrendered to it as I knew this was the power of the Divine surging into ALL of me and touching and healing places I had stored my pain.

After about 20 or 30 minutes of the Main Energy surges, I just lay there, breathing heavily, body still trembling slightly, tears in my eyes- not quite sure what had just happened. I felt completely empty and vulnerable, yet for the first time ever… I felt Free. Elet held me in a Safe space and allowed me to recover and then did some more energy and body work, but now it was a different kind of energy surge. I felt the most precious, gentle warmth come over my body -so much that I almost left my physical body. I recognized this feeling right away- it was Pure, Unconditional, Divine Love. As my body was recovering from the physical healing, i could feel the power of unconditional Love being poured into me by Elet’s gentle hands.

By the third session with Elet, I had come to a Sacred place I had only dreamed and prayed of arriving at for years. Because he is so tapped into and ONE with the Power of the Divine, he was able to transmute that precious healing power through himself and into me.

The result? I was able to finally empty my Body and Soul of all the clutter, pain, debri and barriers that I had collected over this human lifetime! I still continue to have sessions with him because he is now assisting me in transcending into my Highest, Divine Self- at levels and I didn’t even know existed. Just when I think my spiritual awakening couldn’t get any deeper and my life any more Blissful -I have a session with him, and I arrive at the next level!” Elaine, Miami, Fl.


image“I’ve been a Reiki Master for over nine years, but Elet’s work is so much more profound. Master Elet is an amazing healer, he touches me very deeply every time he works on me.  Today he didn’t even do the Thai Massage, just ran energy through my body the entire time.  My body responds with shaking as the blockages are removed and then with waves of energy.  The results are similar to what I achieve with a rebirthing session but this is much simpler because nothing is required of me besides receptivity and trust.

Sometimes I feel heat and discomfort when a blockage is being removed, other times I feel an opening and a sweet whoosh of energy moving through me.  Once I had an especially profound experience when I coughed strongly as my throat was being healed of something that appeared to be past life related.  I was in such a profound state of healing that I couldn’t stand up midsession and had to crawl to go to the bathroom.  Then I had a rush of insights about the profoundness of where my own work as a healer is going and a sweet affirmation of my path.

There’s something very safe and reassuring about the trance state that Elet’s works out of.  Today he worked on my heart and I could hear him crying, I opened my eyes to look up at him and it felt as though he were taking something on for me and moving it through himself.  Afterwards, as always, I was left with a profound sense of relaxation, wholeness and peace.  I’m very grateful for Elet’s work. He’s empowered me and catalyzed my healing and my growth in many ways. Margarit, Bolivia


image40-e1411493970814“The new mammogram is completely clear. God, thank you Elet.” Heidi, Miami Beach, Fl

Flowing with joy and gratitude, Heidi splayed on the kitchen table all of her hospital tests and documents, including a written warning from her doctor that her refusal to cooperate would lead to a mastectomy.

For two years Heidi endured tremendous pain. She was found to have cancerous tumors in her right breast. She heeded all the warnings, exposed herself to all the doctors and tests and continued to suffer. Heidi works in the medical field; she knows how it runs and the obsession on surgery. When the doctor suggested slicing her breast open for a biopsy. She turned toward alternate ideas of healing, and the difference between disease and dis-ease.

Everything we see (and all that we don’t see) in the universe is energy. Energy inherently is in a state of constant flow, ever changing and ever expanding. We too are energy. We are inherently in a state of constant flow, ever changing and expanding. When stagnated by emotional trauma, our energy stops, crystalizes and becomes physical aliments. Our energy is now in a state of dis-ease. Dis-ease is only the opposite of ease. To come back into ease, we come back to our inherent state of energetic flow.

Each experience in our lives creates emotional imprints at the Cellular level in our bodies.
Scientifically speaking, Neuropeptides are biological chemicals triggered by emotions. In so doing our thoughts create matter and our emotions become cells.

As Caroline Myss, PH.D. says “Our Biography becomes our biography.”

Some events create such fear, sadness, or other negative emotional content that we become stuck, not able to create freely in that area of our life. These “energy patterns” affect our beliefs, attitudes and decisions from moment to moment and are known as Cellular Memory. By accessing the body’s memory at the cellular level, these blocks can be removed, and more freedom experienced. You can experience life more in the present time by removing the energy blocks that have you living out of your past programming.

Through Shaktipat Energy Healing the masses in Heidi breast were realized for what they were, energy, caused by underlying dis-ease on an emotional level.

We distinguished the emotional causes of the patterns in her cellular memory.

Using myself as a vessel of higher energy, we changed her cells.

In a couple of two-hour sessions I worked with her, energetically releasing the emotional cellular memory, breaking up the physical coagulations of negative energy, flooding her being with dynamic loving energy.

She is now FREE of any pain. All abnormalities are officially GONE.

She has not only healed her breasts but, healed her uterine fibroids and has opened her life to love with a new loving partner. (A regular side effect of Shaktipat Awakening). Elet


UnknownI remember my personal experience with you in this. I had no idea what to expect. I had never done anything like this before. I remember the trust issues and the troubles in relaxing.

I remember you working my body and learning to let go as you verbally and physically guide me.

Some of the stretches were hard at first to take. Some were easy. The most difficult position to take was the plucking of my upper back like strings on a guitar. Somewhere around here is when you found my blockage. It was hard to relax! I could feel an extreme emotion as you placed your hand over the source.

It became more intense as you guided me through my breaths. I could hear you saying “yes yes yes” as the intensity increased rapidly and all at once lessened and my body began to relax. You began to cry and I was left relieved.

You mentioned a man and pain that surrounded this man in midst of our session. I then realized what I had been carrying all these years.

I am so grateful for all you have done. For this set me on a new path of awareness and discovery. It started a new process of healing. I continue to learn from this and grow as well. Your work is amazing!

Thank you from the depths of my heart. Erika, Asheville, NC


image29“I met Elet here in Buenos Aries. I had the opportunity to meet Elet, A TEACHER who made me know, feel and vibrate through his POWER transmitting all through my body.

It is difficult to explain: I had different feelings, wonderful, full of love, everything was perfect all around me, nothing mattered more to me then.

I felt I had to surrender and be guided by his hands, as energy, which I broadcast through my body, so much energy that I was constantly vibrating. I had an incredible experience of total relaxation, total peace, not being able to control my body in the opening minutes. I did not understand what was happening, but it was so blissful I did not want to move even a moment.

When I returned to normal, I went to my house, I was so happy, the streets sonrreía me alone, I felt so much peace and love all around me, nothing bothered, I just wanted to stop time, sun and earth. It’s been 4 days and I still feel that sense of peace and love. Thanks Elet for being in this universe and I thank the universe for allowing our meeting. thanks, I’m happy.” (translated from Spanish) Fiona, Buenos Ares, Argentina 

The universe is consciousness. Everything is consciousness. Consciousness is what we come out of and what we go back into. Through the spiritual work of  Tantric Awakening, we can come to live this realization while we are in the seemingly separate space of a body.

Human’s being are miniature representations of the universe, all that is, and you will access your ALL through conscious exercises. You will find the key that will unlock the secrets of physical-emotional-sexual healing and come into the ever-flowing YES.

My Energy Work is a spontaneous process of awakening. You will transcend your present conscious state by learning to open your mind, your energetic body and Kundalini power, organically harness and use your unique vibration and cultivate Tantric Consciousness. Elet


image38“If you are reading this, then quite assuredly you are being drawn to receive great healing from Elet, a true master of energies, an exquisitely open vessel and pure, direct channel of the righteous healing Light of Divine Love. I was markedly blessed to personally receive tremendous, sublime healing via his powerfully connected Being.

The benefits were and still are outstandingly powerful, multi-dimensional, and beyond earthly description. I earnestly and with grace, recommend that you see – or, rather, feel – for yourself. Elet is the real deal. You deserve to experience true healing and reap the limitless and bounteous rewards therein. Stand firm in your commitment to increase true self-love by opening your heart to receive these glorious gifts that are your divine birthright.

The actual moment during which the healing takes place is characterized, in my humbly grateful experience, by a multi-faceted and truly unique composite of sensations. It feels like a harmoniously loving and wonderfully warm sensation of the transference of actual energy — a simultaneous releasing of all types of pain (physical, emotional, karmic) and receiving of the highest, most all-encompassing, authentic, and rarefied love. It is a feeling of exquisite heaviness that — seconds later — gives glorious way to comprehensive and integrated release on all levels (mind, heart, body, and soul).

Ever since my blessed healing through Elet, I have been enjoying a newfound sense of abundant comfort throughout my entire Being, the likes of which I’d never previously experienced.” Llewellen, Nombre De Dios, Panama


image45-e1411495329885(During this telephone session shared from many states and a couple “states” away, I could feel, as I reached my hand down into her abdomen, the story of unworthiness, that she has written every day since she was a little girl on her cells. This coating has painted her world with an unworthiness of abundance, of loving sexual partners, of her own singing voice. I use the energy that runs through us all to reach in and pull that negativity out of her, replacing the void with higher love.

In Boca or Bangalore there is nothing that separates us. We are flowing, conscious energy waves. This energy can be contained, made malleable and transmuted. I “feel” you over the phone. I can fill you with long distance love. Let this beautiful testimonial bring hope and inspire you to take the first step. It is time to feel good.) Elet

“Thank you for a very beautiful and powerful session. My solar plexus feels quite different, very spacious, and I can feel a much-improved flow of energy up my spine. I am hoping that the improved solar plexus center will help my abdomen heal more quickly and completely so as to avoid the surgery that has been mentioned to me.

After we hung up, I laid down for a good twenty minutes just feeling the new space. I found myself having to sing a little before I could relax into it. As I settled down and began to really feel the love moving through my being, I found myself smiling and tossing my arms out as though I were flying. It was a wonderful feeling, and one I am still experiencing today. I am feeling a lightness of my heart center that I cannot remember feeling for many, many years. I came out of the office to see a beautifully bright tail of a rainbow which lasted for a good 15 minutes and “followed” me for several miles on my way home. Another blessing as it was the first I’ve seen this spring (we’re still getting snow!).

For a long time afterward I could feel energy moving in my root chakra as well as resistance to that movement. Whereas my upper body was feeling so much freedom, I could, by contrast feel the amount of tension still held in my pelvic floor. I felt some release of that as the energy continued to move, but not all so I know there is more for me to release. I know there had been movement of energy out through my feet, however, because when I got up it was very painful to walk. When I looked I had a bruise at the base of one of my toes which was most definitely not there when we started. So strange! Last night I dreamed of an ice rink (strange since I can’t skate) and racing faster and faster around it, which felt delicious in my legs and again like flying, so I know that this energy is still processing. I am looking forward to discovering how this new internal space will play out in my life and plan on making more time to “fill up”.

It has been a long time since I have felt the ether fibers of my heart energy fill a space.  Last night I sat in the car and I was filled with light and love.

I am waking this morning in a continued bliss state; energy waves continuing to flutter through this body, a deep meditative connection and am resting quietly in a new awareness of myself.

I feel as if I have shed my skin,

There is a knowing of how to move forward confidently for the first time in weeks.Bowing deeply to your work and excited to learn more. Gabrielle, Boulder, CO


unknownI very much enjoyed my Sensual-Somatic Healing sessions with Elet. Elet was so loving but too, very professional; He began by demonstrating that he would be that safe space I felt I needed by teaching me to speak my truth, and honoring my “no,” my “yes” and my occasional “YES!”

Leading me through some of my physical emotional triggers he asked permission before slowly and gently touching me, releasing the energetic charge associated with a “man’s” touch. He led me from fear to security through Tantric Breathing and Energy Body Exercises. In his presence, always one of calm acceptance, safety and encouragement I felt safe to feel pleasure, to sob, to laugh and reach into my very depths to unleash my woman warrior cry (all of which I did).

I admit I sometimes felt scared as we “waded in the shallow waters” of uncomfortabilty. We took baby steps in our session. Elet worked with my pace, yet also encouraged me to push past my own limitations and fears. With his help and gifted hands, I reconnected with my womanhood, my feminine energy, my own immense power.

When he unblocked the energy from my second chakra to my throat chakra, I felt a wonderful flow of pleasure, an energy I did not even know was possible for me.

When we awakened my root chakra, my arms and legs were vibrating so intensely, I thought I was just going to leave my body. I felt effervescent. I had to ask him to ground me (which he did).

I continued to have that sparkling energy all day, even flirting with someone at my gym (which I never do!). My body feels so refreshed and alive!

I am very happy and excited to be working with Elet Elan. I have found my Mr. Miyagi!

Thank you.” Sarah, Atlanta GA

Sensual-Somatic Therapy is a purposefully created opportunity for reconnecting, and healing habitual patterns, whether we experience them emotionally, sexually or physically.

You are invited to slowly open and lower physical, psychological and emotional barriers without inhibition or hidden expectation, creating an opportunity to release negative programming, set aside limiting beliefs and transcend old stories, in the most loving way.

We counter habitual “doing” with conscious “BE-ing.”


image47Maria works at Hippocrates Health Institute, a famous and expensive alternative medicine “spa.” She is a Peruvian shaman. She knows the power of energy and universal harmony. Yet, she could not figure out why she developed masses in her left breast.

Through Shaktipat Therapy we worked on the emotional level. We found the root cause of her physical manifestations was the trauma of being separated from her family as a baby. She remembered leaving her home for the final time. As a baby, she knew no coping responses. Not being able to transcend the trauma, she would repeat patterns of abandonment throughout her entire life. Unconsciously she was telling herself that she was not deserving of being loved and so, will always be abandoned.

Her thoughts created matter and her emotions became cells in her breast. The fatty tissue of the breast is easily susceptible to toxins and toxic emotions. I find that emotions of love often affect the breasts because we associate the heart with love.

On the energetic level, we had two sessions in which we concentrated on unblocking the stagnant energy in her Muladhara Chakra (The Muladhara Chakra is a convergence of energy in our lower body that attributes to emotional feelings of support and trust.) and bringing higher vibrations of energy into her breast to dissolve the formed matter mass.

I have learned to be an open vessel of higher spiritual energy. This flowing life-force energy has it’s own consciousness. It is this energy that tells me wherein the physical body the dis-ease lies. It is this energy that can remove the negative emotions, limiting ideas and physical manifestations of emotional-energy-matter. It is this energy that fills a recipient with the sensation of euphoric love and gratitude. The term Shaktipat refers to the transference of energy between two people, awakening one to a “realer” consciousness. If I can do it, anyone can. We are all born with the ability to be completely in harmony with universal life-force energy and to be able to heal others who have lost their focus on it.

Maria has no official documentation of the seemingly miraculous healing. She never went to a doctor. When she came to me the lumps in her breasts were obvious and now they are obviously gone. The awakening she experienced has brought her to a sense of more profound purpose in life. She is healthy, free of stress. Her only complaint is that now it seems that her left breast is smaller than the other. Most importantly Maria has awakened to her self-worth and spiritual truth and has become a healer for others.


image43This is a moving, conscious experience of tantric expansion and ecstatic oneness from a student.” Elet

This evening I found myself outside under the stars wading barefoot, ankle deep in the crystal clear water of the pool. There is something I find so nurturing and rejuvenating about being in, near, or around a body of water that makes me feel right at home. Surrounded by large overgrown trees and flowers I took in the beauty of the moment.

I thought about my day, and the expectations I had about meeting my teacher that had fallen through. My teacher had been teaching me one-on-one about tantra, the path of sacred sexuality. Tantra is the union of two beings through the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies, yet this ancient practice has brought me into a deeper connection with myself. As if through loving another, it has ignited this growing spark to love and honor the divine within me.

So on this beautiful evening, I found myself all alone under the stars, without a lover, friends, or any set agenda to distract me from me. Poolside, I laid down a towel over the bare earth, stripped down out of my clothing, and lit some sage in ritual as I breathed in it’s cleansing effects. As I waved the glowing sage around my naked body I relaxed into the moment and felt at peace with myself and the world around me. Sitting on my knees in prayer position, I began moving my body around in slight circular motions, drawing my life force energy in and upward through my chakras towards my heart. I placed my hands on both of my power centers, breathing, as I let go and allowed an energy greater than myself to flow through my being. My hands and body began pulsating in orgasmic waves, as the energy rippled throughout my body. Grinning from ear to ear I was just floating in the bliss and beauty of the moment.

I realized that I don’t need anything or anyone outside of me in order to attain this magnetic, powerful, divine state of being. I can have just as much fun playing with the life-giving force of the universe, solo, as I can with a partner. I truly am my own beloved, and the love I generate within myself can (and will) only be intensified when I eventually make the conscious decision to unite with another. They say that we can only love another as much as we love ourselves. So although connecting with a partner can be a beautiful union, maybe the real lesson is in loving and celebrating the beauty and divinity with ourselves first. As we rejoice in love for ourselves we simultaneously open ourselves up to loving another. Once we have created this sacred space in honor of the divine, precious, powerful beings that we are, then what could be more beautiful than two whole and complete beings coming together in love, to intensify, unite, and share the God & Goddess energies they embody. It is the sacred dance of the masculine & feminine, the yin & yang, and is the true balancing act of the universe.

Tonight, I discovered an immense power I hold within myself, and a deeper love for the powerful being that I am. As I open up to this transformative energy I feel myself growing, evolving, and stepping into the power of the Goddess I know I am destined to be. I give many thanks and gratitude to my teacher, Elet, for seeing in me something that I could not see in myself….and for teaching me even when he’s not physically teaching me.

“We only had time for three sessions, but what this beautiful shakti came to know through her entire being, it has taken others lifetimes to realize. The truth of Tantra is SELF liberation from the dream of individuals and SELF expansion into God conscious orgasmic bliss. (satchitananda) pure being, pure knowing, pure bliss.”


image44-e1411495052662“I slept well last night,” Barb, Fort Lauderdale FL

She had been fighting a sleep disorder with prescription pills for over two years to no avail, but now, she sleeps.

How I used to long to say what this recent client of mine says now. I, too, used to watch t.v. all night long, watch my partner sleep, too much anxiety, too many thoughts, eyes twitching, nervous energy coursing through my limbs, as again birds started chirping to a new dawn, too wired to sleep, too tired to smile.

“I toss and turn throughout the night, I feel energy trapped in my legs and it’s hard to hold them still.” Through the art of Tantric Thai Massage, I opened the energetic floodgates in this client’s legs, allowing energy to release and flow. She too slept soundly that night.


image46-e1411495866770As I lay my hand on her second chakra, I can feel her pain. It is only a slight sensation that I have practiced sensing, through specific meditation techniques, becoming open to the consciousness-energy that imbues all creation.  I draw my accepting hand in deeper. As an empath, pain is a certain warm, low vibration. I close my eyes to bring my total attention to my palm and feel the heat blocked from flowing from her first chakra. As I run my hands up and down her torso I am instinctively drawn to specific areas, drawn into the energy centers like warm pools of swirling water.

I lead her through a relaxation process and pranayama. To allow better receptivity, I need my recipient to open to the present moment, not dreaming of the grocery store. When accompanied by meditation, bringing the wandering attention of the mind to one-pointed focus on the ebb and flow of the breath, we can slow our body and mind down. By releasing the sensation of breath we become receivers of flowing consciousness. I let her feel my own deep, slow rhythm, until we are synchronized, exhaling in union. This creates a wave that can be felt physically.

In my meditation I no longer feel my presence as form. I can “see” vibration and all is vibration, my being, her being and the being-ness between us is all a five- dimensional field of varying vibration.  I “see” the trapped static vibration in her hips, it is the pleading for release of emotions left unexpressed.

I move her, working her body with the art of Thai Yoga, but sensing her body on a cellular level. I take a firm yet gentle hold of her ankles and lift her leg upright and over her head, till I feel the tension register like a distant echo. I lean my body weight through my cupped hand into an exact point in the taut hamstrings, opening the muscle tissue to blood, oxygen and energy flow. I feel the fight of the muscles, unfamiliar with and resistant to the exotic position. Through breathing and massage I feel the moment of release, when her mind gives up fighting and the body relaxes. The negative emotion was a response to perceived past deception of trust. In the stillness, I feel her perception shift as her energy softens, even her closed eyes relax more.  “Good, good” I offer in positive reinforcement. A tear escapes her. I place my left hand on her heart chakra, letting her know she is safe in this moment to be unguarded, to allow her emotions out.

I turn her on her side, facing away from me. I create a closed circuit by contacting points on her spine, sacrum and nape of the neck. Her energy body vibrates, lighting up like a Christmas tree. I stimulate the lamina groove by plucking the tight muscle group up her back like a guitar string. The energy released here, I allow out through the head, by removing blockages from the cartilage surrounding the cranial connection. This is strong work so after I finish here, I massage specific pressure points on the skull. Giving her peaceful vibrations generated in my own harmony.

Moving her onto her stomach I assume Thai Yoga asanas as I work vertebrae by vertebrae releasing all tension living subversively within her cellular memory. Each experience in our life leaves imprints at the cellular level in our body, Some events create fear, sadness, mistrust and disbelief in ourselves that become stuck forever.  Most all of the session, the physical, mental and emotional surrendering, the expulsion of toxic metabolic waste and the release of old emotional stress is preparing for cellular level healing, like plowing a field of past cellular imprints before sowing new seeds of peace, love and joy.

So far through the session I have worked, opening the channel of each meridian in the body from head to toe, clearing each chakra, re-aligning muscles and skeleton, massaging her entire body, her hair, fingers and toes.

I gently lay her on her back. I sit in Puja next to her, intuiting to lay my hand on her second chakra. I feel the energy reach up to meet mine. It is tangible, sensual, moveable. I have found in my experiments, there is validity to the idea of closed energy circuits when we come in contact with other souls, like sitting in Yab Yum, like touching hearts while looking into another’s eyes. I place her hand on my knee to finish the circle of my hand on her stomach. I can feel the surge, the flow, it warms me, it makes my body sway, it brings me to a deeper state of trance as I open to the divine. I gather this consciousness-energy in specific ways, let it build, still it, focus it,  and feel my being open. I emanate through my body, and palm specifically, like a flashlight.

As I let loose, I feel the vibrations grow exponentially through her till it shakes her body in spasms. I open my eyes and watch the energy flowing, cascading up through her groins, torso, and head. Her fingers, quivering, grasp at air. Her eyes roll back in bliss.

There is a non-verbal communication between our energies that has little to do with their containers. I control the rhythm, the intensity. I feel her allow it, I feel her taken by it. It is completely malleable to me, I can shape it and move it, stilling and exciting her varying levels of conscious being. With purpose, I run it through her body, sometimes sitting with my hands in my lap, sometime lightly stroking her. I let the power build and build, shaking her, moving her to a heated climax… then I take her heart chakra with both hands, give her all of me. I accept all of her and am immediately engulfed in years of sadness, in spiritual longing, it comes up my arms and through my heart. I exhale it, allowing myself to cry for her, for me, this is my purpose on earth, in this very moment, I AM. I take her pain. I let flow into her, pure God love and I feel her cry out until the surge is spent. I breathe her in again, again pain, heartache, years of confusion, wishes, self-worthlessness, “please take this pain away from this soul, let me have it.” I am put to my test as my cup overflows, even as I continue to suck it all in, taking it, holding it, not moving, not breathing till I feel it release its hold from her. I openly weep as it comes through my body, my arms and legs, my heart, my soul. I am nothing but this pain, nothing but love.

In its absence, I open again, concentrating “energy-muscles” deep in my body and push with all I have, all the love in the world, into her open wound, into her womb. I create and ride the waves of ecstatic bliss, touching her heart, caressing her soul, bathing her in angelic joy. Her breathing gently slows, her heartbeat relaxes.

I can tell she doesn’t want it to end, but like a father, after two hours, I know she has had enough for one day. I have come to know, by experience, sometimes we can engender immediate kundalini upheaval blowing our lids, sometimes a person needs to go slowly. Instant bliss can be traumatic.

I cover her spent body and massage her neck, her temples, bringing her back to Earth.

What is all this, this work, this energy, this talk about God love? I have never admitted before, I know, I just cannot explain it. This is why, everyone, I say at a certain level words are worthless.

There is a consciousness-energy that sustains all living beings. Through REAL meditation, not visualization, or laying about listening to whale sounds, we can attract more fully what is ever present and make use of what is running through us.

“This energy is directed through the Chakras and Energy Meridians within the body and taps into the Cellular Memory, which allows healing to occur at the deepest level. All of your past programming and energetic blocks are uprooted and released. The result is a real change in who you are and how you are living your life.” Elaine Caban.


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