Release what does not serve you

Release all that does not serve you in the moment.

We hold so much unnecessary tension in our bodies so much of the time that we are no longer aware of how dis-eased we have become.

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My body is a song to be sung.

‘They’ say my body is a temple, but NO.

A temple is brick or marble, heavily solid and unmoving

My body is like water, in a state of eternal change and flow. You cannot experience me exactly the same from one day, moment or breath to the next, for in each day, moment and breath I am reborn anew. To even see myself in the mirror as the same is to disallow the awareness of my natural evolution and transcendence.

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Tantric Energy Healing explained

IMG_0103I had to take a moment today to try to explain what I do. This is what I wrote.
I see or feel energy blocked in people and moved the block so that the energy flows.
“So what does that mean?” I’ll try to explain: 
From my experience, I believe everything, physical, mental and emotional and even everything that is not yet, is energy. We are more energy than physical. Like an iceberg in the sea. What we see is the surface of physicality. 90% is hidden beneath the surface and that which we do not see is our energy body. 
When we are in resonance with the universe (God, Bob, whatever) our energy body is like an ever flowing, ever changing, ever expanding river. We are ever flowing as is true for all energy. We are ever changing, for each momentary experience changes us, and we cannot step in the same moment twice. Part of everyone’s problem is seeing themselves as they once were, even moments ago. Which does not allow us to evolve in our minds. If we allow our flow and evolution we are ever expanding into our fullness which is God itself. 
When our energy body experiences anything, good or bad, ecstatic or traumatic if we are not in a state of perfect flow, the energy of that experience will get stuck in our energy body, like a twig gets stuck in a stream. This could be called a spiritual dis-ease. If we can come quickly back into resonance things will naturally move. “This too shall come to pass…. not stay.” should have been a quote from Jesus, another tantric energy healer. 
If we do not come quickly back into resonance energy will stay, and slow its vibration. A slower vibration will cause it to become more solid, just like it does in water vapor. It will then become an emotional dis-ease. PTSD, depression, addictions, shit like that. We can address the blockages and heal these things too. 
If we do not address the blockages and come back into resonance, energy will stay, and slow its vibration even more. An even slower vibration will become physical and physical dis-ease. Tumors, Cancers, even accidents, shit like that. Even here it is STILL just energy on a lower vibration and can still be addressed and moved and transcended, bringing the energy body and so the physical body back into resonance and flow, back into its natural state as universal perfection. 
So all dis-ease at it’s core is only the lack of, or percieved lack of resonance with the greater universal flow of energy, which we are and are part of. One other manifestation of this discordance is the “sin” (straying from the path of) living in our most primal nature. If you tried to make a dog walk on just two legs it would develop problems because that is not it’s nature. We do the same things to ourselves by trying to avert our primal drives of pleasure. This causes a HUGE stymying of our flowing energy and so many forms of dis-ease. 
Ok, so then, I have developed the ability to sense peoples energy and their “blocked energy.” I can often “see” the experience and trauma by which the energy has become blocked. 
I then use my own vibration to move the blockages out of their energy body and engulf them with love to fill the vacancy. The release of blocked energy will be experienced as new energy or vibrancy, awakening desires and inspiration never experienced or forgotten. I can also awaken an energy body that has never developed or been nurtured. This is sometimes called Kundalini awakening or Shaktipat Transference. My Energy Work is a spontaneous process of awakening. A client will transcend their present conscious state by learning to open their mind, their energetic body and Kundalini power, organically harnessing and using their unique vibration to cultivate universal Tantric Consciousness.
How it has become developed in me is a longer story. But the important thing is anyone can develop this ability. I have given the power to heal to others.  
Though in theory, anyone should be able to do it themselves, it’s harder to raise ones vibration alone. It is a good thing to come to me. But we can help ourselves by doing those things that raise our vibration ourselves. 
What raises our vibration? Most things that make our heart sing. I would say to do the things that give us pleasure, but some people have lost touch with the difference between true pleasure and avoidance of pain. someone like that would think that taking heroin in pleasurable when in fact it is only covering up their pain. It’s like taking an aspirin for cancer. 
True pleasure comes from Union, whether we find union in God, whether we find union with a lover (of equal or higher vibration), or whether we find union by sitting near a stream in the woods. I just read an article titled “the opposite of addiction is connection.” Feeling good raises our energy body vibration, which brings us back into alignment and flow with All that is. When we are in alignment there is no dis-ease, only ease; ease and flow in our experiences of love, abundance, and life. 

What’s the purpose of Tantric Sex ?

FullSizeRender 3I have experienced samadhi, absorption into ultimate reality, in the solitude of individual meditation. There is nothing, ever, that compares to this transcendence. Everything that I am, and any vibrational healing abilities I have, come from only this. For 25 years, (yup, I’m that old) I have led people on this journey into the absolute.

I spent years in states of deep concentration and cosmic union, but not being grounded in the earthly experience. I did not fully experience pain nor pleasure. I did not desire, not even physical food. The tantric union I taught was one of non-physical higher consciousness.

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Flying Through the Cosmos

imageThank you Elet Elan for showing me heaven. Thank you for expanding me. Thank you for opening me to the intense love of the universe…..why did I wait so long for this?

Why does anyone?

You asked me to describe my Tantric Healing Session experience. It was hard to put it into words, but this is what I remember. I had been feeling just pretty stuck in life, not experiencing love or abundance or fulfillment of any kind. I came to you asking to be fixed.  Continue reading Flying Through the Cosmos

Cosmic Intercourse


“In the still of the night, I find you.
I feel your warmth, your heart beat, your warm embrace.
Revealed, you open yourself to me.
The perfect ache of love enraptures me as I penetrate you,
stars align and worlds collide as we move through the galaxies as one cosmic being, receiving and releasing that ecstasy again and again, as from our union new life is created. We bask in all the power, glory and love of God and Goddess, Creator and creation, Heaven on Earth.”

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