A little injaculation

I give a small talk on why and how one would practice injaculation or semen retention as part of a Tantric practice


Cosmic Intercourse


“In the still of the night, I find you.
I feel your warmth, your heart beat, your warm embrace.
Revealed, you open yourself to me.
The perfect ache of love enraptures me as I penetrate you,
stars align and worlds collide as we move through the galaxies as one cosmic being, receiving and releasing that ecstasy again and again, as from our union new life is created. We bask in all the power, glory and love of God and Goddess, Creator and creation, Heaven on Earth.”

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why a book-nerd girl turns me on

18664654_161984314336146_469814232781383809_nSo what turns me on about bookish girls.

I knew this girl once who’s bedside tables were stacked with eclectic collections of spiritual treaties, Ouspensky and Yogananda, who would have to unload the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz in her bag to excavate her wallet, who could surround herself in a circle of cook books, Julia Childs and Thug Kitchen, and be lost for hours. Though I kidded her about it, I found it so appealing.  Continue reading why a book-nerd girl turns me on

beginning at the root



We create and recreate ourselves energetically every day. But all the energy work in the world won’t help if we keep doing the same things that hurt us and living in the exact way that is draining us.

That said, if you are ready…. We can work.

The root chakra is where our experience of the universal love and nourishment takes place. Sometimes we feel like we are not being taken care of by the universe, God, our partners, whatever. And this happens at the root level. If we don’t feel innerly nourished at the root, then we subconsciously create the extending experiences in our outer life to match that feeling.

To begin to flow and attract positive energies into your life, abundance and love, to awaken your power of healing gifts, to reopen your fearful heart, we begin at the root so that all your infinite Shakti can rise and bloom like the most beautiful of flowers.

You will release what no longer serves you
You will transcend your limiting beliefs
You will awaken what has fallen asleep
You will feel the ecstasy of the divine flowing through your body and being
And emanate that into the universe
You will become your fullest self.

Erika’s Testimonial

hands2I remember my personal experince with you in this. I had no idea what to expect. I had never done anything like this before. I remember the trust issues and the troubles in relaxing.

I remember you working my body and learning to let go as you verbally and physically guide me.

Some of the stretches were hard at first to take. Some were easy. The most difficult position to take was the plucking of my upper back like stings on a guitar. Somewhere around here is when you found my blockage. It was hard to relax! I could feel an extreme emotion as you placed your hand over the source.

It became more intense as you guided me through my breaths. I could hear you saying “yes yes yes” as the intensity increased rapidly and all at once lessened and my body began to relax. You began to cry and I was left relieved.

You mentioned a man and pain that surrounded this man in midst of our session. I then realized what I had been carrying all these years.

I am so grateful for all you have done. For this set me on a new path of awareness and discovery. It started a new process of healing. I continue to learn from this and grow as well. Your work is amazing!

Thank you from the depths of my heart. Erika (Asheville, NC)

Tat Tvam Asi, “I Am That.”

Tat Tvam Asi, “I Am That.”My life: Another strange town, another strange coffee shop, another night looking into the brightly lit windows of smiling, loving happy faces from the dark, empty streets of solitude outside.

There was a time when I would wander the New York City streets throughout the night without direction or aim or knowing why I couldn’t stop. I was searching for that elusive something I didn’t know but could feel just beyond my grasp.

Even years and lifetimes later as a internationally loved Tantric Energy Healer I can still feel lonely. I can still feel like the outsider looking in. It’s easy to get caught up in this illusion of separation.  Continue reading Tat Tvam Asi, “I Am That.”