“Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wring-doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”

The Meditative state of God-Self Oneness is the most exciting thing you’ll ever experience and all you have to do is stop doing every night else for a moment.

When you attune to the energy of our infinite inner presence, you no longer become lost in outside experiences and influences. Contrarily, we bring the awakening, healing and power of Passionate Presence to all we think, feel, say and do.

We become aware and connected to all the peace, love and joy of the universe even as we participate fully in our lives.

It’s not a cryptic esoteric exercise. It is accessible to you in every moment of every day, anywhere you might find ourselves regardless if it’s a mountain cave, a jail cell or in bed with your lover.

At first it may be difficult to still body and quit the mind. You have been conditioned to give all our attention to our physicality, thoughts, emotions, and the external stimuli of our everyday life. Now we are retraining ourselves and our attention to be still and go within.

In the beginning, until you are practiced, the key is to start focusing on something stable to allow the mind to still itself.

Focusing on our natural breath allows us to focus inward. Breathing naturally, without changing anything, we follow the ebb and flow of inhalation and exhalations. The body will always follow the breath. To relax we intentionally make the exhale longer than the inhale, and as we do so, we feel ourselves going deeper into the stillness. This can be achieved more easily if, when we let go of our exhale, we also let go of any tension in our body, allowing the sensations of the body to melt away.

It might also be useful to consciously release each area of tension in the body, one by one.

We are generally so tense for so so long, we don’t recognize it as anything but our normal sensation. But with awareness we notice that we hold our muscles tight, we condense our energy, we even hold our breath.
While maintaining your relaxing breath, bring your awareness the very top of your skull, become aware of the tension being held there, and allow it to disparate, perhaps visualize it melting like ice cream. Notice your forehead and relax your forehead. Notice your eyes brows, your eye lids and eyes and release the tenseness there. Relax your cheeks, let your jaw go slack, relax your lips, your tongue. With an exhale release the sensation of your face.

Do the same with the back if the skull, feel the tension, run down your neck, and like water through a hose, drain down through your arms, forearms, fingers and out through your finger tips. Releasing and relaxing with every breath.

Do the same with your torso, feel all the excess energy run down your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae, down and out through your tailbone, releasing and relaxing with every breath.

Then your legs, your thighs, your calves, ankles, allowing any tension to run down through your foot and out through your toes.

Then with each exhale, feel how you can relax more and more every time, until there is nothing left to feel.
If we wish, we can take our attention off our body and breath and simply be in the stillness.

If thoughts enter we allow them without resistance, letting them pass effortlessly, returning to stillness.
If bodily sensations tempt us to move we notice them without resistance, letting them pass effortlessly, returning to stillness.

As we find inner stillness and space, we will become aware of a light vibration, experience the sensation of the flowing energy of the body, the source force that gives life to our being. We can feel the whole body as a single energy field. Feel yourself not as a physical structure but a flow of waves cascading, emanating in all directions.

Now, let go of even that amazing new awareness, so what else is there…there’s more, much more.
The rest is up to you, it’s your journey.

I will tell you, you can find complete union with ALL THAT IS in the universe,

I will tell you, you can find complete union with what you understand of God.
With continuity of practice soon you will find you don’t necessarily have to sit still to perceive your natural state.

With continuity of practice soon you will carry your relationship with God, this universal consciousness and high vibration cosmic energy, with you beyond your sitting out into your daily life.

With continuity of practice soon you will maintain God-Self Oneness as you are making love and making cookies, always in all ways.
You will see clearly that you are all that is Sacred being.

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