Meditation Explanation

This is the way back home to our natural peaceful, consciously aware state of being. It is accessible to us in every moment of very day, anywhere we might find ourselves regardless if it’s a mountain cave or a subway platform. 

The key is to start focusing on something stable to allow the mind to still itself. 

Focusing on our natural breath allows us to focus inward. Breathing naturally, without changing anything we simply follow the ebb and flow of inhalation and exhalations. The body will always follow the breath. To relax we intentionally make the exhale longer than the inhale, and as we do so, we feel ourselves going deeper into the stillness. This can be achieved more easily if, when we let go of our exhale, we also let go of any tension in our body, allowing the sensations of the body to melt away.

If we wish, we can take our attention off our breath and simply be in the stillness.

If thoughts enter we allow them without resistance, letting them pass effortlessly, returning to stillness.

If bodily sensations tempt us to move we notice them without resistance, letting them pass effortlessly, returning to stillness.

As we find inner stillness and space, we will become aware of a light vibration, the source force that gives life to our being. 

If we are new to this awareness, it may be difficult at first to experience the sensation of the flowing energy of the body. This is because we have been conditioned to give almost all our attention to thoughts, emotions, and the external experiences of our everyday life..

With practice, we will carry this conscious energy with us beyond our sitting practice into our daily activities. We will be aware of and participate in the external circumstances of our life, while simultaneously connected and acting from the infinite source of creation and consciousness.

When we are attuned to the energy of our inner presence, we can’t become lost in the world of everyday events. On the contrary, we bring the healing and corrective power of presence into all we do and to all we meet.

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