We are all awakening to our fullest potential. It’s no longer miraculous to hear those of our generation speak of ecstatic communion with ALL THAT IS. Individual transcendence from dis-ease, shame and fear into peace, love and joy is now an energetic global transformation.

We are claiming our power, we are using our passionate presence, we are creating a new global paradigm. In our union with each other and ALL THAT IS we are making manifest a world of compassion, of sustainability and of magnificent love.

As an internationally loved energy healer and spiritual teacher, Michael has been leading others to their power of passionate presence for 20 years. His healing, awakening and guidance is transforming all who come with him on this journey, embracing the infinite physical experiences of spiritual expression, turning fears and foibles into freedom and felicity.

It’s the new scene of a very old science – tantric transformation.

Realize and engage your energy body, realize your truth, know ecstasy … everyday.

ALL THAT IS, all you experience as the world around you, is created by your own perception and magnetic life-force energy. Your experience is a mirror of your expression.

We ARE the change we want to see in the world today.

This intensive workshop is an invitation to know the full power of your passionate presence to make a difference in the lives of those you love and the world at large.

You will experientially learn and practice:

Quieting the mind/body/desires/emotions to gain truth and clarity.

Physical – energetic alignment to clear and release all obstacles.

Attuning to and union with finer conscious universal energies.

Awakening kundalini life energy, experiencing it’s expression through you.

Magnifying and harnessing your life force to heal, create abundance and love.

Individual and group energy transformation, transmutation and transference.

Transmitting your energy out to recreate the world with your loving essence.

Thursday Meetings are at 7pm

$10 admission at the door.

One-On-One individual instensives & group instruction available

678 818 5891

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